This integration has certain limitations that you, as a customer, should be aware of. The limitations are as follows:

24-hour messaging window

WhatsApp Business API has what is called 24-hour window limitation. This limitations basically means that you as a company has just 24 hours to reply to a customer’s messages after it was sent to you via WhatsApp. Once a customer sends you a WhatsApp messages, the 24-hour session is started. If you do not respond on time, you cannot continue a normal conversation with the customer as your dialog becomes locked. To send a new message to such customer, you can only use a Template message that was submitted to and pre-approved by Facebook. Keep in mind that such template message cannot be of a marketing or sales nature.

Downgrade restriction

It is is important to always keep in mind that once a phone number is signed up for WhatsApp Business API, it can no longer be used for WhatsApp personal or WhatsApp business app.

In a way, a phone number can be upgraded to WhatsApp Business API, but cannot be downgraded. Should you ever need to downgrade your WhatsApp Business API number back to regular WhatsApp number, you would have to contact Facebook support directly. Please keep in mind that the success in this case is not guaranteed.

Group chat

As of now, WhatsApp group chat is not supported within the WhatsApp business API. The feature might become available in the future.

Calling through WhatsApp

As of now, WhatsApp doesn't support calling through their WhatsApp Business API. The feature might become available in the future.

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