Quickley Pricing Model


Our WhatsApp Business API pricing model is pretty straightforward. To activate WABA, you would need to purchase Quickley subscription and 360dialog subscription. There might be some extra charges based on your usage—the number of team members you invite and the number of template messages you send via WhatsApp Business API.

Quickley Subscription

Quickley is offered with two subscription plans—a “free forever” plan at $0/mo and a premium plan called “Inbox Plus” at $19/mo. In order to use WhatsApp Business API, you need to choose the “Inbox Plus” plan. After activation, it will charge your credit card monthly until cancelled. This plan includes one user. Should you want to add seats for your team members, they are billed at $19/mo each additionally.

360dialog Subscription

In order for WhatsApp Business API to work, we need involvement from our third-party technical partner called 360dialog. Their subscription is paid as well and currently costs $25/mo. For your convenience, this subscription will be charged by Quickley on our website and then passed on to 360dialog.

Template Messages

If you need to contact a WhatsApp customer outside of the 24-hour messaging window, you have to use Template Messages. Learn more about template messages here. Each template message is then billed directly by Facebook and costs you 6 cents each. We will charge you only for what you have used.


A typical small business using WhatsApp Business API through Quickley can expect to spend around $40/mo on this solution, as follows: $19/mo – Quickley subscription, $25 – 360dialog subscription, and $15/mo – for a package of 250 template messages used monthly. Kindly note that this is just an example and your final bill will depend on your actual usage.

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