Send a message first to WhatsApp

How to send a message first to your customer on WhatsApp
If you would like to start a conversation with a WhatsApp number which one do you have never chatting with, you can do it in 3 ways: whenever you change an item's status, click a button, or move an item to another group.

When changing status, send a message to WhatsApp

1. Go to the integration center, find Quickley and integration, and then recipe "When status is changed to something, send a template message from WhatsApp with mapping."
2. Select a status column and status which one will trigger an action.
3. Select a WhatsApp channel.
If you don't have any WhatsApp channels, let's add a new one. You can add a WhatsApp Demo or connect your real number by this link.
4. Choose a template
You will be able to start a conversation only with WhatsApp templates. You can set up templates in the 360dialog hub and Facebook should approve them. Read more about templates on this page.
5. Setup a template mapping.
Mapping allows you to map an item's column to a template message. For instance, you can map a customer's name, shipping status, meeting date, and more.
6. Save your automation and go to the board, find an item with a phone number, and change the status. After a few moments, you will see that Quickley's column is filled with ID — it means that the item is linked with Quickley's conversation.
7. Go to the Item View and check that message was sent.